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Individual Eyelash Extensions 

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These lashes will enhance your :   natural beauty increase confidence they are ideally suited for :  weddings  parties holidays  and special occasions as well as normal every day wear. The eyelashes come in a range of sizes and widths to ensure you get the look you want.  Eyelash Extensions are great for women wanting to lengthen their naturally short lashes,  add fullness, darken naturally light coloured lashes, or eliminate the use of mascara.  Eyelash extensions create the appearance of a brighter and more rested eye, creating a  more youthful and rejuvenated look. Your initial full set appointment takes up to 2  hours.  Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent lasting up to 2 months depending on how well you  take care of them and on your own lash growth cycle as the  extensions are shed along with your natural lashes. A natural  eyelash typically sheds every 60 days and is replaced with  the growth of a new eyelash. After 3-4 weeks, approximately  1/3 of the lashes will have cycled out. At this point touch-ups are required to replace the lashes that have completed their  life cycle. Therefore, touch-up appointments should be  scheduled every 3 to 4  weeks. If you wait longer, the initial  set of extensions will need to be replaced and you will be  charged for a full set.
Long lasting, up to 2 months Comfortable and natural just like your own lashes Soft, sensual and glamorous eyes Adds volume and length to your lashes Lashes look longer and thicker Great for everyday wear Both men and women can benefit Waterproof and weatherproof
Price List:
£49.00  for full set (last up to two months £25.00  infill’s (every 3- 4weeks) £25.00  Flare lashes (last up to two weeks)
Avoid steam, touching your lashes, and getting them wet for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, they are resistant to water, sweat, and tears. Avoid swimming and the spa for 48 hours after application.  Avoid the use of oil based products on or around your eyes. Gently cleanse your lashes regularly.  Do not pull on the extensions or rub your eyes excessively. Use only water-based mascaras, not waterproof. Constant application of heavy eye make-up, especially mascara and eyeliner, can  reduce the lifespan of your extensions and require more frequent touch-ups. If you want your extensions removed, please schedule an appointment to do so.  NEVER attempt to remove the extensions on your own.