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The HCH  is a piercing done primarily for aesthetic purposes. The majority of women are constructed in such a way that the hood covers the clitoris. They can be very attractive, and some women who are anatomically suited will opt for this over other placements, because they like the look. A genital piercing can be visually delightful even if it is not placed for direct action. Initial jewellery is usually a ring or circular barbell in 14 or 12 gauge. Care must be taken to check the vascularise of the region (for visible blood vessels), and to be sure the tissue pulls away from the nerve bundle of the clitoris.
Horizontal Clitoral Hood  6-8 week healing time
Fourchette  2-3 month healing time
Outer Labia 2-3 month healing time
Vertical Clitoral Hood   4-8 week healing time
Inner Labia 4-6 weeks healing time
Clitoris 4-6 weeks healing time
These are sturdy piercings that take a little longer  to heal. They can be placed anywhere along the pinch able rim of the outer lips. They are often done in pairs or multiples. Most women will find piercings in this region primarily visually pleasing; you are not apt to feel a great deal of erotic stimulation as would be expected from a hood piercing. I usually use 14 or 12 gauge for initial jewellery, but if the tissue is well ample 10 gauge is possible by request. You can use captive rings, bead rings, or circular barbells. It may be possible to use a curved bar as an alternative jewellery style.
This is a very rare piercing, and it is serious business. Of the women who request an actual clitoris piercing, and know what they are asking, approximately 90-95% are not suitably built. Absolutely  vital in clitoris piercing is to pierce ONLY women with the ideal anatomy. This is not an area to take chances. Even for a well developed clitoris,16 gauge jewellery is the most common starting size. If the clitoris itself isn't able to be clamped, either from being too small, or  from the process being too intense for the pierce, then you aren't a good candidate. For those women who are built for it, a clitoris piercing is an intense experience
This is the vertical perineum piercing at the back edge of the vagina that is analogous to the male Guiche. Many women do not possess a pinch able flap or fold of tissue at the back edge of the vagina, where this piercing is placed. If you don't have much skin there, you aren't built for a fourchette. However, if you are anatomically suited to it, a fourchette is a wonderful, enjoyable spot for wearing jewellery. I usually begin with a curved barbell in 12 or 10 gauge. The tissue is very fine, and you don't want jewellery that is too thin and can cut you. It is also very stretchy, and can easily be enlarged to accommodate thicker jewellery after healing
This is very similar to the tissue pierced in the VCH; it is fine and very quick to heal. I generally begin with rings in 14 gauge. Some women are not built large enough in  region to pierce, though this is relatively rare. Inner labia are often pierced in pairs or multiples, though a single ring on either side is certainly an option. Once healed, you may enjoy the sensation of tugging on healed inner labia piercings or wearing weights, bells, or charms; however, these activities usually result in stretching because the tissue is so thin.
The VCH is  the most popular female genital piercing . As the name implies, the piercing is placed vertically, and women's genitals are built in this same up-and-down direction. This means the jewellery situated comfortably between the legs and is not subject to much stress or irritation. Further, most women are built with a fold of hood tissue in which the jewellery can be placed for a safe, comfortable, and stimulating piercing. The piercing goes through only a thin bit of tissue above the clitoris (NOT through it) but the jewellery itself touches the clitoris. This means that when there is any activity in the area, the clitoris will receive more direct stimulation. Most women like this a lot. This is a very quick healing piercing.
Genital Piercing & Healing Time